Professor Dr. Talukder Md. Lokman Hakim

Welcome to Z.H. Sikder University of Science and Technology, where excellence is nurtured and pursued. I am proud to have become the Vice Chancellor of this University. From its established in 2012, over the years ZHSUST has increased many folds in every respect but there is no limit to improvements and advancement.  As a Vice-Chancellor my foremost tasks is to find weaknesses we have as an institution and identify the challenges facing us. Once we shall identify those we can strive to overcome them and mark our place as the best academic institution in the country in the coming years.

We really want to transfer ZHSUST into a university that will engage in making ZHSUST as a lavish garden of knowledge, producing outstanding graduates and undertaking relevant research recognized nationally and internationally. I hope we shall be able to work on this journey of excellence, placing ZHSUST among top-ranked universities. We have 7 bachelor’s degree programs which foster curiosity, critical thinking, innovation and professional skills. ZHSUST academic and career opportunities are balanced with a campus lifestyle that is second- to-none among private universities in Bangladesh. ZHSUST Houses various sports, cultural and social clubs to cater to the extra- curricular activities of the students. All of these elements outstanding teaching, scholarships, support, flexibility and choice in programs and extra- curricular benefits- come together to create the ZHSUST advantage.

Finally, my colleagues, stakeholders and well-wishers! I urge you to join me in the intellectual pursuit and continued ZHSUST endeavors in ‘making a difference in the lives of the student’.