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Md. Imamunur Rahman


Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of the Proctor

The Office of the Proctor plays a crucial role as an impartial and discrete institution within the University. It is entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the well-being of the University community. In summary, the Office oversees various essential responsibilities, which include:

• Ensuring adherence to University policies, statutes, and the code of conduct through effective governance and administration.
• Conducting investigations into violations and breaches of both academic and non-academic University policies and code of conduct.
• Facilitating the administration of the disciplinary management process.
• Addressing and resolving grievances and complaints from students and staff.
• Overseeing disciplinary matters related to examinations and academic activities.
• Active participation in various University bodies and committees.
• Supervising the registration of student bodies and clubs.

The Proctor holds a general responsibility for promoting the safety and well-being of students and staff. In this regard, the Proctor collaborates with law enforcement authorities and other partners to ensure a secure environment where everyone feels safe.

Our Ongoing Initiatives

We maintain a steadfast commitment to handling disciplinary actions with utmost fairness and integrity. Our responsibilities encompass both academic and non-academic matters. We thoroughly investigate valid complaints, ensuring they are processed in accordance with the University’s policies and guidelines. Each case receives diligent attention to ensure transparency and adherence to established procedures.


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