The founder of the University in the remote area of Shariatpur is Mr. Z. H. Sikder, one of the most successful entrepreneur of the country. He is, in fact, a true visionary and pioneer in all the sectors he has stepped in. Coincidentally, all his ventures focus to meet and enrich the fundamental urges of human realities like health, education, banking and real estate. He is the founder, sponsor and pioneer of private sector Banking, Real Estate Business, Construction, Private Medical education for the women and modern treatment for the heart patients including open heart surgery in Bangladesh. It is also well known to all about his great involvement in humanitarian causes and financial assistance extended to various Schools, Colleges, Madrasahs, Masjids, Charitable Organizations, Orphanages etc from his own source of fund for the people.

He was a great Freedom fighter commander; he actively took part in the liberation war in the year 1971. After a decade of work in nation building process, he expanded his business in USA in 1982. His outstanding leadership quality, firm determination, mission, vision and charming personality drive him to achieve glorious success.


The vision of Mr. Z.H. Sikder for the University is to ensure world class education to the backward district of Shariatpur and neighboring areas. He believed that only eduation is the key to economic development as well as for the people and the nation. It will empower the youth and give them the freedom to work locally and globally. Inspired with his vision, he has established Z.H. Sikder University of Science & Technology at Madhupur. Beautiful campus building and unique accommodation facilities here attract students. It is the ideal place for learning quality education. He envisioned that it will be one of the best University of Science and Technology in the country.

The Pioneer in Private Medical Education

In 1992, Mr. Sikder founded Z.H. Sikder Women's Medical College and Hospital (Pvt) Ltd. This is one of the most renowned women medical colleges in Bangladesh. His concern was for making medical education opportunities easily available for the women. This medical college offers MBBS degree under the University of Dhaka. The medical college hospital, is a general hospital for the public and specialized in cardiac care that offers the best cardiac care in the country. The first batch of the College graduated in 1999. Now, the medical college has gained international reputation. Meanwhile many foreign students are studying in this medical college. He also established Mandy Dental College in Dhaka in 2009.

Other Philanthropic Efforts for Education

There are many Schools, Colleges, Madrashas, Masjids and Charitable organizations established by Mr. Z.H. Sikder from his own source of fund. Some of them are :- (1) Monowara Sikder Girls High School (2) Shamsunahar High School (3) Bangabandhu High School (4) Monowara Sikder High School (5) D.M.Khali Monowara Shikder High School (6) Kodalpur Abdur Razzaque High School (7) Jarina Sikder High School (8) Mokfor Uddin Degree College (9) Mokfor Uddin National Law College etc.