Dr. Md. Mahmud Alam

Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) has been well-known since the establishment of Z. H. Sikder University of Science and Technology (ZHSUST) in 2012. The Faulty includes four departments: Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Civil Engineering (CE), Chemical Engineering (ChE) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). These departments offer B.Sc. engineering programs based on national and international interests. All courses have a flexible modular structure and a combination of compulsory, designated and optional subjects. ZHSUST is promising for its quality education, and its infrastructures, facilities and faculties are well enough to achieve it. The degree of the FET assurances its students with enriching theoretical and practical knowledge for their careers.

The EEE department provides its students with a solid foundation of a wide range of EEE courses designed, so that graduates are proficient in using state-of-the-art engineering tools to identify, analyze and sustainably solve real-world problems, and also stimulated to strive for brilliance in their personal and professional life, play a leadership role and uphold human values. The CE Department is another prestigious department at ZHSUST. This department is enriched in Structural and Construction Engineering and equipped with laboratory and software facilities for carrying out testing of various structural materials in the laboratory and the field. As part of CE, the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering division has been providing world-class academic services to its students to make them capable of testing, designing and consultancy services in various areas of environmental engineering. Besides this, the Geotechnical Engineering division provides strong theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. In addition, the CE department provides specialized courses curriculum and simulation tool-based training in transportation services covering laboratory testing and related consultancy services.

Considering the demand for Chemical Engineering (ChE) graduates in the growing chemical and polymer industries in Bangladesh, the curriculum contents of the undergraduate program are regularly updated to comply with the needs of the job market. All the students undergo a month-long training program at the Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI) an Institute of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC). Also, the students undergo in-plant training in different industries. Besides this, the department is well-equipped with laboratory and computing facilities. Thus, ChE is a well-known department at ZHSUST, and its graduates received jobs medeity after passing out. The CSE department designed the course curriculum in such a way that students graduating from this department have a balance of theory and practical skills to prepare them for the highly competitive workplace. Software House is another wing with a dazzling side whose aim is to provide the students with a professional working environment that will sharpen their skills in software development and highly motivated teachers are working incessantly to put it at the pinnacle among all software development companies.

Thus, the FET with its experienced teaching and administrative staff and educational and research is committed to producing graduates with appropriate knowledge and confidence to compete in the national and international job markets. The FET shall devotedly prepare highly qualified human resources for different sectors in Bangladesh and the outside world. This faculty is appropriately structuring the future of our next-generation.

With regards

Dr. Md. Mahmud Alam
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, ZHSUST